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We specialize in gathering and integrating daily commercial and legal business information data officially sourced from newspapers and public data outlets.

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The effective utilization of information is crucial in the evaluation and understanding of the marketplace. Through monitoring the intentions and attitudes of buyers, as well as assessing the characteristics of clients, it is possible to gain valuable insights into consumer behavior. To assist in this process, Advisor solutions offer a comprehensive monitoring capability and provide actionable insights into clients' legal and financial backgrounds, enabling the formulation of informed business strategies and decision-making.

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Using Insight-X platform database, gain comprehensive information to identify and understand your client's environment in the GCC region. Our database offers data and reports on financial, legal, and public announcments of companies.

  • Retrieve all official published financial and legal announcements related to the subject matter of your inquiry.
  • Immediate access to a vast collection of data spanning over 10 years, collected from numerous sources.
  • Explore relevant content at scale using advanced data enrichment techniques.


We offer a comprehensive array of IT outsourcing services to our valued clients.

  • Both individual services and turn-key solution projects.
  • Team of experts with extensive knowledge and experience in implementing various applications.
  • Focus on data processing and archiving.
  • Empower clients by providing technical resources and support to efficiently manage business operations.

Alert Monitoring

Regular monitoring of your clients can assist in identifying potential instances of financial instability and payment defaults. However, conducting this task independently can be challenging. Insight-X alert monitoring service offers a solution by allowing you to track a specific company by monitoring their legal and financial announcements published in various daily sources. This proactive approach allows for early detection of any future legal or financial developments based on the user-generated list.

  • Provide a secure and efficient environment for your business by monitoring your customers and suppliers.
  • Save time by monitoring thousands of clients simultaneously.
  • Stay informed and take action promptly.
  • * Our company is pleased to offer an exceptional email announcement management service, wherein our team will effectively arrange and send all record reports via email in accordance with the terms outlined in the contract.

Result Translation

The Insight-X team provides a comprehensive and professional search service, tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Our service involves the examination of records related to companies, in response to client inquiries received via email. Our team will conduct a thorough and careful search, extracting all relevant information and delivering results to the client through our daily follow-up team. The reports will be provided in either Arabic or translated into English, in accordance with the provisions outlined in the agreed contract.

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The data available on the Insight-X platform goes back more than 10 years and there are over 6 million records available currently.

The data on Insight-X is updated on a daily basis to ensure that our clients are kept informed of any newly published announcements, thereby mitigating risks and maintaining relevance.

A single subscription includes coverage in multiple countries data.

The maximum number of names that can be tracked at once is two thousand per user.

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